Frizbi Beyond Borders: Discs over Danube

Dear Ultimate Players,

FDK Zagreb would like to invite you to the finals of the Grand Slam Beyond Borders 2013. series, Frizbi Beyond Borders: Discs over Danube in Ilok, Croatia.


Ilok is the easternmost town in Croatia, harmonious rising above the Danube, surrounded by the slopes of Fruska forest and beautiful vineyards. It's a town with a long history, the heir of interesting cultural contrast woven into its medieval center, one of the most important urban and urban-fortified complex of northern Croatian Danube region.


Grand Slam Beyond Borders is the tournaments series for those (Austrian, Bosnian, Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovenian) teams, who want to take part in at least 3 cheap, "middle-leveled" open and coed tournaments in the region.