Prvi hrvatski
ženski ultimate frizbi klub

Winterleague 2008.

However… there was a second Croatian team playing in Winterleague with a fabulous result…

Chicks with Disks came out 5th (!!!!!!) of 10!!! Yippie!!!!!! For me it feels like winning the tournament – really!!! I´m so proud! (and this is only their second tournament.)

Hana - Thanks for the awesome handling and bringing some structure in our play!!!

Majchh - Thanks for the handling too and wow... you put a lot of pressure on the handlers as a mark in the zone!!! And I love your catching the very low discs and the discs so close to the sideline – you always manage to catch them inside – that´s really amazing!!!

Teja – Thanks for being that open all the time! Your marking in the zone – wow! You gave our opponent really a hard time! 

Iva – I love it watching your acting on the field, not only reacting – you improved sooooo much! You´re getting open so often, you are throwing pointpasses calmly, you put a lot of pressure on your opponent as a mark – great to see!

Marina – sticky fingers – even if you don´t really like it – marking in the zone defense – that´s your position!!! Awesome watching you putting such a pressure on the others! Nice timing in playing zone offense!!

Marta – our Rookie – your first tournament – wow!!!! You got the disc, you threw safe passes, playing solid defense – that´s everything you need in playing ultimate! You did a really great job in the tournament! – So.. keep on playing!!! 

Zdravka – You are our woman for popping in the zone – I like it watching you playing offense against zone. Your defense improved a lot in comparison to Weiz – wow!!! That´s gooood!!!

Veu – Neptune gets it all!!! You always get the disc – if it´s offense or defense – no worries – you´re always ready for catching the „gold“. Amazing d´s (!!!), great catches in offense – you´re so good in reading the discs – it´s impressive!!!