Prvi hrvatski
ženski ultimate frizbi klub

WinterCEL 2010.

It was a cold, cloudy December day when 9 girls showed up in Gyor, town in north Hungary, for one day outdoor tournament.


The only way to get warm and stay that way was to have a long warm-up and continuation of playing. Our team was made of 9 chicks, and tactic Stiki set up was to split in two teams. In first team were playing Sticky, Jessica, Maja, Nevenka and Marta and in the second team were Iva, Ana, Mare and Ines. Math wasn't our best advantage so Sticky and Nevenka were kind of forced to play for both teams, but they didn't really mind that, they enjoyed every point.

First game against Bambi, team from Budapest, we started at 9. They had four experienced players and two rookies. We lost that game 11-3. Their biggest advantage was good and reliable handlers. It was easy to tell that they were more and more tired how game was going but we didn't use that. Our defense was good, but our offence was not.


Second game was against C.C. Catch. I would like to point out high spirit, both teams were playing fair. Their zone defense wasn't the best but even that was enough to break every our attack. We didn't know how to use middle space and we made turnover before we reached half of the field. Have to mention two assistance when Ana hucked the frisbee to the end zone and Mare catched it. Great job chickas! Everything ended up with score 15-2.

Third game was against LayD's, mixed team made of Czech, Slovakian and Austrian girls. They had strong individuals but as a team they weren't that coordinated. There were mistakes even made by them. Playing against their zone was even harder and we couldn't even get close to their end zone. There was a lots of confusion in our team (once we almost scored a point but in the wrong end zone :)). Score: 13-2


The same story happened on our last game against Box. Zone defense we didn't know how to play against and lack of good and safe throws. High point of this game is Nevenka's layout in end zone for a lead of 1-0. We surely woke up a tiger in her :)

With total of 5 teams in women division we ended up in fifth place, with 4 loses. Short summary: great handling from Sticky and Iva. Nevenka was doing great in her role as a handler and cutter. Ana was saving us with some great cuts and successful deep runs in offence and defense. Even though Mare didn’t play much before tournament, she had some great end zone catches and middle cutting in zone offense. Ines become one of three main handlers in zone offense, and she was really good at it.  Even injured, Jess did good job as middle cutter and later as one of handlers. And our rookie Maja – brave choice for first tournament!  Come again and you'll see other tournaments are even better and more fun :)