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Black and WEIZ

Chicks With Disk summaries follow...

Chicks with disks vs. Frisky Beez: 4:7

I expected it to be the hardest game for us and was a bit afraid – however it turned out to be a nice starting game! We managed to make the first defense and scored right away. I think it wasn´t only me who was so surprised – also the Frisky Beez turned out to be a little nervous. We held the score tight to 4:4 – in the end they managed to have a good finish and they won this close game.

Chicks with disks vs. W:adies (Ballerinas): 3:11

We scored two points in the beginning but then we let our heads down. Nevertheless I really liked playing against this team. Getting everyone involved is what you need for being a strong team that is what we were doing!!! W:adies continued on to become the champions.


Chicks with disks vs. Gazongas: 10:4 

What I really loved in this game was that everyone started to try new things, to throw long ones, to demand the disk. Thanks Iva that you told us that you want the disk more on the field – I think you helped all of us stepping up and you got it back into our head that WE CAN DO IT! 

Party…. Hm… I fear I´m the wrong person to write about this… I can only tell some of my sweet dreams as I went to bed that early… ;-) (See Men's report for the longer report.)

Chicks with disks vs. Eyecatchers: 5:6

It was one of our best games – we played tough defense and concentrated offense – as the result shows! An awesome game! The last point they set up a zone and we really made it up to the line of our endzone unluckily we couldn´t finish it – but – awesome middle-handling-position Andrea!!! I think this was our best offensive game!!!


Chicks with disks vs. To mi Deli: 1:7

The result doesn´t show the intensity of the game. It was a hard, hot, fast and sweaty game. All of us played a great defense we really wanted to get the disk and give them a hard time. The problem on offense was that our pulse was too high and we forgot breathing and calming down when we had the disk. Iva – we missed you a lot on the field and appreciated your hard work on the sideline! Thanks for cheering on us!!!

Chicks with Disks vs. Eyecatchers – game for 5th place: 1:5(?) 

We didn´t manage to calm down enough after the game against the Slovenians. Eyecatchers kept on playing the zone defense against us and although we passed the disk a lot we didn´t manage to score a point – until Jasmina passed the disk to Valentina when the time was already over. However who cares about wins and losses in our first tournament.

In my opinion this first tournament was totally successful! There was no game we didn´t have any chance and we all gave our best!!
I hope you feel as good as I do when you think back to the weekend!