Prvi hrvatski
ženski ultimate frizbi klub

Balaton 2012

So.. this is how every tournament begins. We got there with barely enough players to play. Actually, we only had 4 and were hoping that the 5th one will not decide to stay in Budapest for another day and will join us on Saturday morning. 

We played our first game with FDK Zagreb and in the middle of the game I saw one familiar face. And then I realized that it was Jess, and that she is also a Chick. I was so happy to see her and, of course, my first question was: Will you please play for us? And once you are a Chick, you always are so she said yes. After game we went to ask Pia, Austrian girl from Augertner and she also said yes. Plus other girls from Jess new team also wanted to play and we went from 4 to 10 in half hour. 

CWD - To Mi Deli 3:9

So our first game begins. And after a series of turnovers we scored! And then we scored again, and again! And in less than 5 minutes we were leading 3:0. No one could believe this, specially the Slovenians, so they took a time out. And that was it for us. After that we were not able to score another goal. Final score was 3:9 for the Slovenians.

CWD - CiCi Catch 0:13

Well, this was a bad game. I always try to look for positive things and say something like, yes we did lose by many points, but we played really good, or they had trouble scoring. And I would always be telling the truth. But for this game I have nothing positive to say. They were good opponents but we were also really bad. Handlers forgot how to throw the Frisbee, cutters forgot how to catch and cut and it was a bad game. I guess our heads were not in the game. So after that we decided to meet 25 minutes before the next game and warm-up and learn to throw to each others.

CWD - Styrian High Five 4:6

25 minutes before the game it started to rain and it was much colder than before that. But still 9 chicks were on the grass in the rain running and throwing. We were only non-players it the rain at that time, and everybody thought that we are crazy (including us :)). It stopped raining when the game begins and it was a bit easier to play. And I must say that warm-up helped us a lot. We played really good this game. It was a good close game. Yes, they won, but not by many points and this is the team that played in finals. After a good game we were ready for hot showers and dinner.


CWD - Mekkora 3:7

First game on Sunday morning. Out numbers went down a bit because Polish girls were celebrating all night for getting in the finals, so they were still sleeping when we played. But Jess was there, she wouldn't miss a Chicks game. It was a good warm-up game with lots of running and both teams played well, but they are more experienced team and that ruled for their favor. After that we had at least one more game. It was game were if we lose we are 5th and if we win we would go to the game for the 3rd place. So we waited to see who our next oponent will be. 

CWD - Mekkora 4:5

It was a big surprise to find out that our next opponent is the team we just played with. I guess we went in this game a bit calmer and more prepared that the last one, because this time it was a really even game. When time was over the result was 4:4 and we had offense. But we weren't ready for the win and after a series of turnovers we lost the game. But this was our best game on the tournament and I wasn't sad.

And one more important thing. We won team spirit award!! This is the second time in a row that we won it and I'm really happy for that. 

And now I want to thank all girls that were there and played for us. Mare for flying from Germany to play on this tournament with us, Jess for still wanting to be a Chick, Pia for playing with us, Ana for not staying in Budapest for few more days and Marta for deciding to spend this weekend in Fonyod and not somewhere in Austria. No, I did not forget about Lea. This was her first tournament and I must admit I wasn't sure how will she play. Not because I don't think she's not good enough, but because this was the first time she played 5 on 5 and I wasn't sure she would manage. But she left me speechless. Only thing I could say when you ask me what I think how she played was: Wow.. I was really happy and proud to see her play like that and I hope she enjoyed the tournament and that this was just one of many to come.