Prvi hrvatski
ženski ultimate frizbi klub

Balaton 2008.

It was Friday morning, 4:50 am to be exact, when four fouls (Iva J, Chep, Kiki, Sticky) started their journey to what they thought will be beautiful day on lake. Around 9 am they realized it will not happen. We got to the Lake Balaton around 9 pm and were already disappointed. Our plan was to go to the tournament day early and spend the whole day swimming and laying on the beach. But wheatear was really bad so we made some other plans. First we got rid of our bags and went to public library where we borrowed German -Hungarian dictionary and started to learn this weird new language. (Szet tudnek robbanni!) 


Since there is nothing much to see in Fonyod we asked locals what can we do around here on this cloudy day. And they sent us across the lake, to the same little town as this was.


But someone mentioned that there is some really big, beautiful church we should go and see. So we did. We walked and walked and walked and walked and right when we were about to give up we found it. And it was not worth it. It was just some church, nothing special about it.


So we turned around, got on train and then went back to our side of the lake. Some got tired so they got some sleep on the way back.


There we meet with our Check player Aswee. She told us that if we play in finals she can’t play for us because her train is leaving before the game. I was being smart and told her that if we play in final I’ll go with her to Check republic by stop. Soon others started arriving to Fonyod and we played fun pickup game to test the sand. I don’t know what happened after that because I went to bed early to rest for tomorrow games.

Chicks With Disks : Ci-Ci Catch

It was our first game in this line-up. I forgot to say that before we got to tournament we only had five players: Iva J, Zdravka, Aswee, Martina and Sticky. Martina found us some Austrian players so we had subs. It was really close game, but we lost it. No big deal, we played really good and we were happy about it.


Chicks With Disks: Hot Pants

Hot Pants were a new, young team and we had no problems against them. It was easy game and we won.

After that we had long break before our next game so we met with our open team and went to eat something. Our next game was against To Mi Deli, Slovenian team, and Josh told us that this is kind of a game where they will win in 9 out of 10 times so we can just enjoy this game and try a lot of new and different things.


Chicks With Disks : To Mi Deli

We were already a bit down after Josh’s statement when Austrian girls came and said that unfortunately they will play this game with just 70% because their next mixed game is really important and they don’t want to get to tired. Plus, we will probably lose this game anyway so why bother? So the game started. 5 players that know they will lose, no one expect nothing more from them on one side and 5 players that are certain in their win on other side. Slovenians had first offense. They made one maybe two throws and then got hand blocked and we scored! Yes we scored the first goal! But that was just first goal we still had 20 more minutes to play. It was tied, intense game and few minutes before end it was 5:5. We had more luck, or we were just better or maybe it was that 1 out of 10 where we win and we won this game. No one expected this but we won! I still can’t believe that :).

 Chicks with Disks : MUF

This was our last game on Saturday and it was unofficial Semi-final. Both teams had the same numbers of wins and losses and whoever wins this game play in finals tomorrow. It was tied almost to the end when we took the lead and won. We were in the finals and I had to go to Check with stop :).

If someone asked me before this tournament what are my expectations I would say that my goal is that we don’t end up last and to have fun tournament. This was even better. I had a lot of fun and we were in the finals! I’m sure party was fun also.


Chicks With Disks : Ci-Ci Catch

Last game. Finals. Ci-Ci Catch was our first and last game at the tournament. We lost first game. It was close, but we lost it. We started the game without any expectations. Worst we could be was second and we were happy with that. Winning the tournament would be better, of course. It was hard, tied, intense game. I think it was the only game we played on big field so we could try some deep throw and they were very successful. Final score was… 6:4 for Chicks With Disks! We won! It was the last thing I expected from this tournament but it happened. This is my favorite tournament and I know I will never forget it. Thanks to everyone who was there and who helped us accomplished this. Special thanks to Aswee, Martina, Sigi and three Austrian girls whose name I unfortunately cannot remember, for playing for Chicks With Disks and for helping us win the tournament. And thanks to Iva J who initiated this and didn’t gave up even when we only had 5 players.

first place!